dickens spirituality?

So … another Dickens weekend has gone by!

This year things were not so busy as I think the mass of snow that we had put off a number of people. We still had a lot of people, however, who were coming into the cathedral and ‘searching’ for something.

I have spoken to a number of people over the last couple of days. I have massaged a few feet (although not as many as Rebecca!) and a few hands, done loads of Jesus Deck readings, prayed for (and seen) healing of people and generally just listened to people and talked about angels. Through all of these experiences a theme of a common search for some meaning seems to have been coming through.

This weekend I have been inspired by listening to the life stories of people and I have been amazed, yet again, to see how God chooses to work amongst normal everyday people. I find that beautifully exciting.

I ended the weekend with a massive sense of privilege. Privilege for the great team I had to work with and be part of, but even more so a sense of privilege for the things that people have chosen to share with us over the weekend. There have been many special moments which have included both laughter and tears.

I guess if I take anything away from the weekend it is something I seem to forget quite easily. Many people do not expect to see spirituality in the church. To me that seems bizarre … but it is clear that if people want healing or wish to investigate ‘spiritual things’ the last place many seem to think of going to help in that quest is a church. To me that is sadly bizarre:
– bizarre because Christianity is all about spirituality …. our God is a spiritual God who wishes to engage with people, all of whom are created and loved by God
– sad because these people have come to understand the church as a place of rules which hinder, rather than a place of loving acceptance which releases and enables.

I guess my question is, looking at the character of Jesus ….. how have we come to this?

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