World AIDS day

Today is World AIDS Day and I hope to be able to get to the cathedral tonight to take part in the World AIDS Day service. This is a powerfully moving service and a time that I want to stand with my fellow human beings who have been affected in some way by the cruelness of AIDS – not because I understand, but because I care.

Unfortunately another group of churches are, in my opinion insensitively, using this day to launch a campaign encouraging Christians to stand up for their rights – a non activity in my mind as we never see Jesus doing that in the gospels.

Today is not a day to stand up for rights … today is a day to stand with those who are hurting.

World AIDS Day Prayer 2010

God of the living and the dead
We hold before you all those who are affected by HIV
We give thanks for the lives of those who have died
Remembering the gifts and grace that they brought into our lives.
We pray for those who continue to live with HIV
For those who struggle to take their daily medication
Those who have inadequate access to medication
And those whose lives have been transformed by life saving drugs.

As we prepare for another World AIDS Day
We are reminded that to live with HIV is to live with stigma and secrets.
We remember especially the young people whose lives are affected
Those who are beginning their adult lives, living with a stigmatising virus
Those whose parents are infected and who find themselves caring and worrying
And those who put themselves at risk of new infection.
May your church be a place that welcomes people living with HIV
A place of safety and refuge; a place of love and healing.

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