good honest discussion

I enjoyed pub theo tonight – a good turnout and a good discussion about a lot of stuff, although I think we were a lot more focussed around a couple of issues than we have been in previous get togethers. WE spoke a fair bit about the Dawkins’ ‘religion is evil’ stuff although I am not sure whether we came to any consensus. Some would be worried about that … but we don’t meet to agree …. we meet to challenge, argue and discuss.

I particularly love the mix of people and views we get along to this. I enjoy pulling ideas apart with people; even when I find myself in a position where I quite strongly disagree with a point of view – and that did occur tonight for me over the issue of sexuality … but I’m not going there as readers of SHP are fully aware of my thinking there!

Tonight was good honest discussion to thrash out issues with the absence of any hidden agenda … love it!

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