taps, mentoring and imagination

My day this morning did not get off to a good start! The shower head breaking in my hand and a tap erupting in another part of the house resulted in me needing to sort those things before going to London to have some valuable time with Ian, my mentor. (would you believe it can take nearly an hour to unscrew a tap!)

The day got better!

I met with Ian at the London Spirituality Centre and we chatted about the stuff we needed to chat about. Ian was able to inject some wisdom into what I was experiencing and I came away feeling incredibly refreshed and focussed. I have been struggling with some ideas and Ian was able to help me in my thinking. Some will read a negative comment into that but there is not one there. My support structure in Rochester is 100% solid and I am very fortunate. Ian, as my mentor, has been to many of the places that I am experiencing and so he can support me differently in my role. His insights today have been very valuable for me.

The day also ended well with 3 great people from the gathering joining me for the Imagination Guild. We got together to have ideas for our next large gathering with the theme of Advent. It’s a privilege to work with these people and we had some really powerful ideas which we think will help people connect with God in a real way. I’m looking forward to the gathering on December 12th.

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