just another monday

Today has been another varied and interesting day which started with Staff Forum. This happens a few times a year when all the departments from the cathedral update the rest of us on what is happening. It’s interesting to know what everyone is doing and how your part fits into the bigger pattern.

Soon after that I met up with Sharon in Deaf Cat to look at the Jesus Deck as I thought Sharon would be good at being involved with this over the Dickens Festival. WE looked at the cards and others in the coffee shop became interested in what we were talking about as well … which is a good sign that they could be useful during Dickens.

This afternoon I met up with Justine, vice principal of SEITE, who has kindly agreed to be the supervisor for my masters. I have been thinking and mulling things over for a few weeks and until recenty it has been hard to pin down a topic I have been interested in. This is not for lack of topics … the exact opposite actually. I have been thinking more about the
significance of my waiting, as well as how to support and ensure pioneers survive, as well as the role of imagination in pioneer ministry, as well as wondering on the whole idea of communities, rather than individuals, coming to Christ. All of those would be interesting to look into, but the one thing that has really grabbed me has been this whole thing to do with confession which I blogged about earlier.

So … for the next few days I am looking out for sources and research along the theme of confession and how it may be linked to mission. If you know of anything … give me a shout!

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