what do i think of ‘parish’?

A few people have been interested in this book and asked for my comments as I am a pioneer and ‘into  the Fresh Expression thing’ (their quote not mine!)

I have not read it and not likely to in the very near future but there have been some interesting reviews, one from Giles Fraser who I normally agree with (but not on this occasion) and Ben Edson and Ian Mobsby who both respond well.

As I said … I have not read the book and can’t really comment. Like others, I do believe we need to look at ecclesiology and practice, but starting from a premis of stating that Mission Shaped Church is a ‘flawed document’ is not a good premis to thoroughly investigate from.

Anyway … people have asked what I think … clearly not a lot …. but that’s because I don’t really know a lot because I am still spending brain time trying to work out what we are doing and how we are doing it.

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