and the winner is …

Rochester Cathedral won one of the Medway Culture and Design Awards this week .. another reason why you should visit the cathedral, grab an audio guide, and discover how special and amazing a place the cathedral is.

Adrian writes:

“I thought you would like to know that last night at the Medway Culture and Design Awards, held at the St George’s Centre, our Ancient Stones Untold Stories project won the ‘Tourism’ category award. Given the competition it was up against (including the Dockyard’s stunning ‘No 1 The Smithery’ project), this was a remarkable achievement and is a wonderful acknowledgement of all the hard work put in by so many different people. It reflects well on the Cathedral as a really significant partner organisation in Medway, and it demonstrates the quality of work put in by members of staff here. I know how demanding this project has been on people’s time and energy, and I think that it represents in some measure the thanks of the wider community for everything that people have done to make this such a success.”

Congratulations to Deaf Cat also who won the best newcomer award … and well deserved as this is an excellent place, with lovely people serving wonderful coffee.

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