from dreamcatchers to angels

Pub theology happened again last night, and again I was surprised by the stuff we ended up talking about.

We talked a little about Dawkins’ ‘God Delusion’ but felt as the person that had asked us to read it was not able to make it due to illness (hope you feel better soon!) that we would leave much of that discussion to another time.

We had 3 people turn up that we have not seen at Pub Theo before and it seems word is getting around but what we are up to.

Last night, as I said we started by looking a little at Dawkins’ reasons for believing there is no God and the conversation moved in various ways to angels, dream catchers, spiritualities other than those that are obviously Christian. I can’t remember everything.

What I particularly love about this group is that we don’t really know each other and this is the only time this actual collection of people get together – in a pub to talk about God, spirituality and stuff and the conversations always seem to be amazing. As with previous pub theos the discussion is quite fluid, starting as a big group topic then people near each other branching off in discussion and then all coming back together again – not in an organised way but seemingly very naturally.

Maybe it is the group of people, maybe its the location, maybe it is actually what we are doing …. but I really love being part of this.  The next pub theology is on Monday 29th November at 7ish in Wetherspoons …. put the date in your diary!

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