sacred stuff

I met up yesterday with Richard in London at Sacred Cafe, a place I used to joke about when I worked in YFC of being one of my London offices. It was great to have the opportunity to meet up with Richard and hear what is happening in YFC and share what was happening with ourselves and families – just a great catch up session with a good friend … oh yes and VERY good coffee!

I really miss the ‘vibe’ of London and one part of my old job that I really miss is connecting with lots of other people on the same wavelength and chatting over mission and other stuff!

On my journey home I found myself reflecting on the hundreds of conversations that I have had with other great people in Sacred Cafe.  I thought back to very special ‘epiphany’ meetings, meetings of tears and meetings of great laughter and joy. Because of that, for me, it’s not just the coffee in this special place that is sacred! Sacred Cafe is one of those special places where I have both connected with God and seen God work in some amazing ways …. maybe even more of a church than some churches I have experienced over the years!

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