It’s been a bit if a busy Sunday with 8am BCP and a talk from the BCP lectionary and preaching at the Eucharist, with a talk from the Common Worship lectionary. Why can’t these two lectionaries tie up??

So this morning at 8 I preached on the greatest commandment and at the eucharist I preached on Psalm 137 which has an ‘interesting’ ending to preach on. Although I went down the ‘memory’ route of this psalm, believing it to be about remembering our heritage and we are called to as Christians, I felt quite strongly that too often we avoid the difficult and tricky parts of the bible and so we looked at what this end verse might be about.

In all honesty …. I’m not sure! I mean why is such a Tarantino horrific verse in the Bible – and why in a song to God!? I wondered whether the venting of such angry stuff to God was therapeutic in some way, but I’m still unsure why this is in a psalm of worship? I guess there is an argument saying that shouting out our anger to God may act as a vent and that will be it, but I’m not sure. I guess today I am confused curate wondering why this is there!

Today, though, is a strong example of why a different method of teaching other than sermon would have been great. To discuss this in different groups and learn from each other would have been a much more interesting and valuable use of time. I have thought for a while that the sermon has had its day …. not there’s another post to rile people!!

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