peer spiritual direction

I tried out something new last week with a good friend, Hugh, from Greenwich YFC. Over the years we have both had various spiritual directors, some which have worked well and some which have not. This is not a criticism on anyone as spiritual direction is a particularly personal thing and I think entails having some understanding of the person being directed’s background and work they are trying to do.

Before the summer Hugh came up with the idea of trying out ‘peer spiritual direction’ where we meet and discuss where we are and other questions that we might look at with a spiritual director on a one to one basis. Last week we met for a couple of hours over coffee and it seemed to be a valuable experience.

The four questions we looked at and are committing to look at each time:
What is God doing with you at the moment?
How is your prayer life?
How are your relationships?
What character in the Bible do you most resonate with at the moment and why?

As I said it was a worthwhile time and it was particularly good to not to have to talk about my story again and instead was able to dive straight into the questions. I think we were able to spiritually support each other well and I look forward to our next get together.

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