a plan for change!

I have just watched the full speech of Ed Milliband to the Labour Party Conference rather than the edited versions that the different branches of the press have exposed us to.

I am impressed by what he says as party leader and find myself excited by the prospect of the labour party once again being in the position to be the visionary party it was when it first came to power and did all those things that we now take for granted which everyone told them were impossible … you know … things like the minimum wage, decreasing cancer patient waiting times from 18 months to 18 weeks, building new schools, saving the NHS ….

Ed is honest – the Labour Party started well but then lost touch with the real person in the street. The party needs to listen again. I’m glad I used my party leader vote well!

You can watch the full speech here on YouTube, it’s been edited into six 10 or so minute slots my newsoogle, which suits me fine for coffee breaks!

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