pub theo 3

Pub Theology happened. The staff of Wetherspoons had reserved tables for us and we were all set to go – and go we did pretty impressively!

I think this has been the best pub theology we have held so far which I think has a lot to do with there being a lot of opposing views around the table from those with no belief or atheist through the spectrum to those with quite fundamental Christian beliefs …. and possibly everything in between. We also had a great age span as well so points of view were quite varied.

Again the conversation was varied and this time quite a lot more lively which was fun. The format seems to work well and yet again topics I had ‘up my sleeve’ were not needed as people brought loads to talk about and discuss.

The next pub theology will be at the end of next month and some of us agreed to try and read Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ and talk about some of the stuff he raises … looking forward to it!

The next Pub Theology will be on Monday 25th. October …. why not put it in your diary now. It will appear on Facebook soon for you to sign up on.

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