prayer stool

This week I got a prayer stool delivered.

I have been looking for one of these for a little while as I like to be kneeling when I pray compline at night as, for me, it seems to concentrate my mind.

I know there is no need to pray and in fact people can pray in whatever way they wish. I regularly pray with a cup of coffee in my hand, while walking down the street, swimming in the pool or driving the car. I also believe it is ok to keep my eyes open when I pray! But, for me, kneeling at key times in my day is very symbolic of my relationship with God. For me the symbolism is about reminding myself who I am before God and I like to end my day in particular recognising that the relationship I have is of Creator and created, or King and subject, Rabbi and disciple.

Anyway … David at Just Crosses was very helpful and made me a stool with 2 pairs of legs so I could experiment which height was more comfortable for me. On his website you can see other simple but well made things that david makes … but of you are looking for a reasonably priced prayer stool why not check out him out.

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