a ‘spoons meeting

Last night I attended the first ‘customer liaison meeting’ at my local wetherspoons. I thought it was quite well attended and it was interesting to hear what customers thought of how the pub was being run alongside hearing the vision of the senior staff for the pub to become ‘a local pub’ that interacts with the community in ways that ‘the local’ does. It was great because the senior staff clearly care what their customers think.

It was good to be a part of this meeting and hear the views of other people. It was quite fascinating to see how different people saw things differently. Personally I think most of the staff do a great job – after all I have had no hassle from them about sitting there throughout most mornings over the last 2 years!  From a gathering and personal point of view the meeting was good too as Nick, the pub manager, thought it would be a good idea to reserve some tables for us for pub theology which will now be happening on the last Monday of every month. This will make things slightly less worrying but also to have the ‘blessing’ of the management is, I think, quite important.  The next pub theology is next Monday, 27th. September and there will be people there 7.00pm although it is easy to get in on the conversation whenever you arrive.

I really enjoy being connected to the community of this pub. I hope even more that the vision of the staff becomes a reality and if there is any role for a pioneer priest in supporting them … well that could be quite interesting!

Right … well I’m off to ‘spoons for a coffee …. or maybe a root beer and if I stay longer then they have a nice looking porter on tap!

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