Coffee as a means of grace

I was sent this article and I love it. Thank you Rachael for encouraging me in my coffee ministry!

The time has come for evangelicals to experience yet another great awakening! Though we have long overlooked a crucial means of grace, we have done so doctrinally, not practically. This all-but-ignored means of grace is about to have its day (or at least its early morning and late night)! Some could even say a new age is dawning. Surely, the age of the Spirit is about to be given a dramatic boost and the Church is certain to receive a timely wake-up-call as we grow to accept coffee as a means of grace.

This present work will survey many of the major biblical passages that discuss coffee as a means of grace, as well as a few corroborative arguments from experience and even historical theology. Of course, further study needs to be done on coffee as a means of grace, perhaps in future theses or dissertations by more progressive theologians. And although a number of passages could be piled one on top of the other to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that coffee is to be recognized as a legitimate means of grace, this paper will focus on a few key Scriptures first from the Old Testament and then from the New.

you can read more here

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