please sponsor Wai Hnin

(As many of you know my father is Burmese and since knowing that I have had a great interest in this country. Please respond to this and get involved in altering this massively horrible injustice)

Dear friend

I am 21 years old and a refugee from Burma. I work as a Campaigns Officer for the Burma Campaign UK.

On Saturday 16th October 2010 at the O2 Arena in London I am doing a 160 feet bungee jump. I am scared of heights and I am fearful about the jump.

But my fear is nothing compared to what my father, Mya Aye, the more than 2,100 political prisoners in Burma and of course, Aung San Suu Kyi have gone through.

I want to raise money for the Burma Campaign UK so that we can campaign to free all political prisoners in the country. Please support me in my jump by sponsoring me now.

My father is in jail for trying to get freedom and democracy for his people. He was arrested over three years ago, at the start of the democracy uprising, which became known as the “Saffron Revolution”. He is serving a 65 year prison sentence because he wants what you and I want – democracy and freedom in Burma.

When I think of my father in jail I cry. I feel like I will never see him again. Like any daughter, I love my father – but I am also very proud of what he has done to stand up for the people of Burma.

That is why I am telling you my story and need to ask you to please to sponsor my jump for the Burma Campaign UK now.

My father was one of the leaders of the democracy uprising in 1988 and he was in prison then for 8 years. He was in jail when I was born in 1989 and the first time I saw him was through iron bars in Insein prison. I was a little girl, just four years old.

I grew up without my father, and now I face the possibility of never seeing him again. I am determined not to let this happen. I know that together, we can work to free the prisoners if we can put enough pressure on the generals, but I need your help. Please support our campaign – please sponsor me now

Thank you.
Wai Hnin

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