There is a lot of change going around our family at the moment as there normally is at this time of the year with many families.

Sarah starts with a new class of reception children over the next few days with home visiting and stuff.
Tom will be starting Sixth Form.
Beth will be moving to Year 10 and starting GCSE’s in earnest.
Joe will be starting his first day at secondary school – a pretty major change for him.

It seems pretty much that I am the only one returning to ‘work’ this week who will be continuing with the same sort of stuff. It does, however, feel different. After nearly 3 weeks off to rest and reflect I feel things are ‘the same but different’. Relationship are continually evolving, the gathering may be gaining momentum and people certainly seem keen and excited abou pub theology ….. I could not have said any of that a few months ago.

In addition over these next few weeks I really have to get to grips with producing a portfolio of my two years work (2 years! where did that time go???) As I put that in to some form that is both understandable and markable by others I will remember more about the travel I have journeyed thus far.

So … here’s to change …. bring it on!

(the change seen in the pics are from our garden, by the way, courtesy of some great work by Read Garden Services. Jason, a good friend, has recently started this business … and I can fully recommend him if you need some work doing: 07905770628 or

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