silence, questions and directions

The blog has been silent for a while – this is due to taking time out during August for a variety of things like holidays, but also using the traditionally quieter time to think through and reflect on stuff and read and listen a lot more rather than write.

This week the house is virtually silent for me. Sarah and the children are at Detling. I could have gone but I decided to stay home and work this week in Rochester.  I don’t really have anything against big christian conferences (lots of people seem to get things out of them, although I might question if these events actually help people in their faith journeys or not) … but after 3 years of training at SEITE and now 2 years into KCME with it’s variable quality of lectures and another year of that left – the simple thought of spending time in marquees or meetings listening to yet more lectures just fills me with dread. maybe in the future, when I have a life that is clear of compulsory lectures that things may change.

So the blog may be quiet over the next few weeks as I take time to reflect and think on certain areas of what I am doing and how I am doing it. I think in many ways I am at a crossroads – and maybe even all the roads are good …. but whether they are or not, decisions still need to be made. If decisions are not made …. well then I stay at the crossing!

Various questions I am thinking through are:

Am I called to share Jesus with people or be Jesus, and is their a difference or are they one and the same?
Is relationship building enough?
Is there ever a right time to introduce Jesus into a conversation?
Is looking, waiting and searching for what God is doing enough?
What is the next stage with the gathering?
Why is pub theology so interesting to people? (more people have spoken to be about pub theology in the last 4 weeks than about anything else I have been involved in over the past 2 years!)
Out of all the possible ways forward that look good … which way should I go?

1 thought on “silence, questions and directions

  1. I feel rather impertinent to offer any constuctive help to you in your reflection. A fascinating and long list there. Number 3, when do you mention Jesus, let me know when you get anywhere with that one! However, impertinence breaks through shyness here because I am just finishing a book by Robin Gamble called 'Jesus the Evangelist' I have found it to be extremely interesting FOR ME! It is hopeless to suggest books to others I know, I know…on page 9 tho' (haha) there is a helpful list of the 4 things that evangelists do. Also later on in the book I can recall not where, there is mention of the finding of a lost sheep, welcoming them, discipleship then apostleship. He also says that evangelists are not particularly gifted or wonderful they are just bothered to do it! Most people baulk at the thought of evangelism. This writing has made me feel a lot easier about the idea of telling other people about Jesus, God etc, even though I have been doing it wrong sometimes. I have tried even tho' I baulk at the thought of it. Just like he says. Anyway I have enjoyed ploughing through this book because it makes some great points by using the evangelistic style of Jesus as a framework for action. I can understand the book, which is a huge bonus. Also it has helped me glimpsed Jesus in an even better light. Can I rave any more about this book??

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