where and how?

The week has been a pretty good week as far as new links go and chatting and listening with a variety of wonderful people. It has also been a ‘landmark’ week in that our domain name (http://www.gathering.me.uk) has gone properly live. I’m pleased ans surprised that we were able to register that name … and the ‘me’ part both personalises us and locates us within Medway as ME is the postcode area. There are still things to add to the website when the time is right but the basic essentials are there for people who may be searching for like minded people to be able to find us.

In addition this week we have received our advertising postcards. Although it was a good idea to have these published (I got a great special offer deal!) I now have a problem. Where do I leave these postcards? That is also a general question about how and where we let people know about the gathering.

Our dilemma, as such, is that we do not wish to advertise in the ‘normal places’ that a church would advertise. If we do this, our fear is that we will either attract dissatisfied people who are already in churches or attract those looking for something different to attend to add to what they are already involved in. While there is nothing wrong in that if that need exists, we don’t feel this is what the gathering is primarily for. 

the gathering is for those searching, those who have never been to church or those that have tried church and want to create something new that engages with them and their questions. We don’t wish to build a new service or event, we are looking for people that wish to join us on this journey of birthing a new way of being church where people can journey together, question but accept each others views and discover God for themselves.

Currently our postcards can be found in a pub, the library and a couple of coffee shops in Rochester. I sense this is where spiritually questioning people tend to hang out. I may be wrong but I guess it is a start. I’m not sure where else to place them – any suggestions from practitioners out there – either on the whole awareness thing or the specific postcard thing?

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