MBS pt 2 … searching!

I was back at the Dekhomai stall again today at the MBS festival.

It was another amazing day packed with meeting loads of interesting people. Today I had a chance to wander around with the camera and look at the amazing diversity of things on offer at this event. The gong master was there as ever offering gong baths. There were various therapies along with angel art, having a photo of your aura taken, readings of a variety of descriptions, guidance on diets, music to help you find your inner self, mind-body balancing techniques and so on and so on. One of the things I was not too sure about was purchasing your own bed of nails to use on a daily basis- is that me or does that just sound too painful! I’ve included a pic so you can check them out.

On a more serious note – I again return amazed at the openness and genuineness of people in their search for something that makes sense of life to them. Many of these people have been searching for a while, many I spoke to today pray daily, attempt to love a life of love and a number told me they would love to go to church. Sadly a (smaller) number had tried only to find somewhere where their questions were not welcomed and their creativity was pushed aside.

I have met lots of people over the two days I was present who are genuinely on a spiritual journey and looking for something that works and resonates with them. It has been a privilege to be able to pray one to one with these people and be able to share a gospel that speaks of equality, hospitality, inclusivity and love. It  gives me a lot of sadness to hear from them that they have only heard of a Christian faith that talks of rules, exclusion and dogma laced with judgementalism.

Today after massaging her feet I prayed with a young woman that was too scared to go to a church on her own through fear of not being accepted or of doing the wrong thing. She shared how she prayed each day and asked if I could pray for healing and guidance for her. I was moved to tears then, and am now, as I think of this person quite desperate to learn more of Jesus and yet unable to do so because we can’t get our act together to become relevant to those outside and searching. How have we, as ‘church’  got this so wrong?

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