MBS – a special gift

Today saw one of the highlights of my year – working on the Dekhomai stand at the London MBS festival.

This year was no different in amazing me on a variety of levels. Firstly the diversity of stuff that is available from treatments, to therapies, dietary stuff, books, music and so on. Loads of stuff sold to help us achieve a better and healthier balance in out lives. This leads me on to the next ‘amazement’ which is how much people are prepared to pay. Some of the stuff was priced anywhere between £30 and £80 for anything between 15 and 40 minutes of whatever treatment, therapy or reading that was being purchased.

Another amazement is the openness of people that come to events like MBS. Today I was humbled as I spent time with a couple that had traveled from the midlands to the festival because, as far as I can make out, they were having a tough time and so were searching for answers to help them. As we prayed with them I offered a picture I thought God was giving them and it seemed to make sense to them. Later they both independently had a Jesus Deck reading and amazingly both were drawn to the same card. I don’t know the chances of that but the probability of both choosing the same card from the pack must be pretty slim.

I think my biggest amazement though, which seems to happen every year, is how Good seems to draw people together at MBS who have a connection. I had some link with everyone I prayed with today. One came from Weymouth (my home town), another was a youth worker (ex job), another suffered from back ache and the list could go on. The connections were too numerable to be coincidence.

Today I have massaged feet, listened to people, prayed for healing, made prayer cords and read Jesus Deck cards with people and it has been an amazing day! I am buzzing with this real sense of having been part of something quite special today. It really is a privilege to be able to offer the gift of prayer to others who are searching.

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