Penetcost … 24 hours on

So yesterday was Pentecost.
The 50th and last day of the Easter celebrations.
As if to emphasise the point, we returned to ‘ordinary time’ in Morning Prayer today and seemingly the excitement of Pentecost is all forgotten.

But should it be?

I had the pleasure of preaching at the 1030 Eucharist in the cathedral yesterday morning. During that time we looked briefly at a number of the meanings that could be associated with Pentecost. For me, though, the major application of this occurrence is that we are living in new times. In the ‘old times’ the Holy Spirit was only available to prophets, priests and kings.

In these New Times, however, we can all be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can join with God’s mission of transforming this world. In that case – 24 hours on, and actually for every day, we can continue to live in the excitement of Pentecost.

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