God Inside Out

I read a great article towards the end of last week: ‘God Inside Out: notes towards a misionary theology of the Holy Spirit‘ which I picked up on from Jonny’s blog. It’s well worth a read and i have been contemplating bits of it over the last few days. 

Bevans basically challenges the way we have traditionally view the Trinity. Bevans says ‘we simply have to reverse the order in which we commonly think of the Son and the Spirit in the world. Commonly we think of God first sending the son, and of the spirit being sent in that context, to bring to completion the work of the son. … on the contrary, God first sent the Spirit, and then sent the Son in the context of the Spirit’s mission to bring to completion … the work of God.

It’s an interesting view and one that sits well in light of Genesis 1 and the article ends with a challenge to think more missiologically about the Holy Spirit.

I won’t say more – go read and come back here and talk!

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