cornwall space

We have had a brilliant week away with good friends in Cornwall.

We had a wonderfully relaxing time with special people and outstanding views – one such typical sunset in the picture with people silhouettes chatting as we watch.

It’s always great to go away with people you can just switch off and relax with – talk when you need to and sit quietly when you want to.

I have returned again, as we did in January, feeling really blessed and relaxed along with being very conscious of the special people we have around us.

The space has again enabled me to see members of my family and friends in a different way. It has enabled me to gain perspective once again on a lot of things. The space has allowed God to do some stuff in my head too – something there about ideas needing spaces etc etc.

I am back now – and I’ll have to wait and see if the space-idea formula causes anything to emerge!

It was odd this morning, though, waking up and hearing nothing after a week of waking to the beautiful sound of the waves. I realised how much I miss that from my Weymouth days and how I had got to take it for granted and now, more worryingly, how much I’d forgotten I loved the sound.

The bad thing about holidays, though, has got to be the coming back – it is hard getting into the work mode again … but it will come quickly – after all how much does it take to get into my sort of coffee and chat work mode!

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