a day without God

Today I have been trying to reflect on what this saturday myst have been like for the disciples and followers of Jesus.

Yesterday we experienced the horrific death of Jesus with the accompanying shock and fear. Some his, some loitered but, by the end, all apart from John seemed to have disappeared.

But today …. today the disciples woke and it would have sunk in.
Jesus was dead.
The Messiah was dead.
He ha really gone.
It was all over.
Their dreams had come to an end.

Would there have been a certain numbness to this day?
Would they have kept thinking ‘this time yesterday I was ….’
… wishing they could turn the clock back.
Would they have been thinking ‘If only ….’
… wishing they could have done something to make it different
And what about the ‘I wish I hadn’t done ….!’
… wishing there was some way to make it all right again.

Today God had left them.
Today God descended into hell.
That must have scared them!

Today was a nothing day
a vacuum day
a day of unbelief
a day with no God.

1 thought on “a day without God

  1. Reflecting in what you posted here, and o what we chatted about on Good Friday Rob, And I know you are right, SO we should arrange something for next year…At this rate I can see a calendar filling up with prospective plans 🙂

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