Palm Sunday … holy week

Holy week started today.

For the cathedral. amongst other things, it meant we marked palm Sunday by processing down the High Street singing and waving palm leaves and crosses – with a donkey too!

Holy Week is an important week for me. It is a time when I try to re-centre, re-focus and re-member what Easter is all about. In doing that I hope that I start to rediscover what it is that I am all about.

It may sound strange but sometimes it is quite easy to take faith and what I believe God has done through Jesus has for granted.  Holy Week is a time when I reflect more, think more and ask more questions about what has happened, is happening and might happen next.

This week at th cathedral there are a number of services which anyone can come to. Outside these times we are always open for people to come and sit and reflect if that is what they want to do. Today I have also found what looks to be  day by day guide to Holy Week via Nick Page’s blog. The resource is well worth a look!

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