new places

We have just had our last gathering at our home.
It was a good time and we chatted a lot about the parable of the Prodigal in Luke 15.
It was also a sad time as we said bye to people who are not coming on this part of the journey with us.
There is also some fear as we step into the unknown together.

As a small ‘becoming a community’ this is quite a scary time for us and a time where I am particularly aware of how fragile as a group we are. There are a few of us, and we seek to journey together and explore Christian faith in an informal and open setting and in a way that helps us to live out our faith in the 21st century.  We are not really sure what that means, we will try some things and no doubt we will make some mistakes. We do, however, need to try.

We are on the move and our next gathering will be in the Ithamar Chapel in the Crypt of the cathedral. The plan is that this will become our home for the time being as we continue to gather monthly. This is a major step for us as we seek to become more accessible to others who are on a similar journey  – those who wish to have an opportunity to explore more about faith in a  format where they can discuss and question as well as become involved by bringing their gifts and interests to the worshipful life of the community.

As we take this step we look forward to seeing what God will do.  We hope we will join and gather with others as time progresses and we hope we will develop something that is currently missing from the wider body of Christ in this area. We do not believe we are called to create something better or superior … and we don’t believe we are called to duplicate (what would be the point of that?) … we merely feel called to travel together at this point in time.

Personally –  I’m pretty scared! We are out of our knowledge and comfort zone and really do not know what will happen. Please … if you are of the praying kind, please hold us in your prayers over these next few months. I think we are going to need it!

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