finding the Kingdom in the everyday

It’s been a good weekend with quality time spent with friends and a mixture of stuff to do at the cathedral. The Gills even picked up 3 points, although the performance was pretty inept and it is crystal clear that the manager has no more ideas up his sleeve and simply needs to leave … but that’s another blog story.

The weekend has been one of those where we have been able to spend lots of time with lots of different people: drinking in the club before the match, being with friends during the match, with friends again after the match at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Conors birthday. After Evensong this afternoon we popped down to Andrew and sarah’s for coffee … which turned out to be a bottle or 2 of red wine …. that’s a great way to let the rest of Sunday disappear.

In the cathedral itself I have been struck by the quality of our worship. The choir were brilliant as is normal, but today conversations with people seemed to show the depth of love and respect that is around the place as well. It is difficult to put into words, but I think there was something special about today.

I guess I am reflecting on how fortunate I am. It is easy to become complacent. I am part of a fantastic family and group of friends, I work in a magnificent place with an amazing job to do and I guess it is quite easy to take all these things for granted.

In my Lent reading today I read of the lost coin (Luke 15) and Maggi’s commentary on how the Kingdom of God works through the little everyday things that seem insignificant in the wider scheme of things but are personally quite important.

Today I have experienced the brilliance of the Kingdom of God in the normal everyday things of my life.

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