Last night

Tonight is my last evening in Seattle. Tonight I went to pub theology and we had a good conversation along the lines of ‘why do I believe in God?’

After that I took some last photos of Seattle at night courtesy of Ned’s roof and tripod. I’m quite pleased with some of the results which are in the flickr album.

It’s been a good 3 weeks and I guess it will be strange coming home. I’ve missed my family and really looking forward to being with them, but I will also miss being part of the COTA family. I’ve made some friends here, had some great discussion and been made to think about things which I think ill have an impact on how the community develops back home.

As I write I am thinking in 18 hours I should be sat on the plane. I’m checked in, boarding pass is printed so now it is just a matter of time.

COTA people – thank you for your time, your insights, the laughter and your friendship – you know who you are and if you ever visit England you know you will be very welcome at our place. Maybe we’ll meet at Greenbelt … who knows!! (anyone in Medway want to do a Greenbelt trip?)

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