500 at compline!!!

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak the homily at the COTA Eucharist. I enjoyed the experience and some people gave some good feedback which is always nice to receive. Afterwards we had a great meal (thanks Jana, Julie and Rachel) while we had a COTA family business meeting. Here we looked at the strengths and weaknesses of COTA and what the community needed to do to address these.

Following this Ned and I shot off to St. Mark’s Cathedral for the 9.30 compline service. I was amazed and surprised at the 500 or so people of all ages that were in attendance. It’s fair to say though, that the majority age group was under 30. Some brought blankets and pillows so they could sit or lay around the altar as the choir led us through compline.

This was a service where people just needed to turn up and enter into the worship. I wondered what so many people came to a 30 minute service for at such a time on a Sunday evening. Has it become a way to end the weekend with God? Are people attracted by the opportunity just to immerse themselves in God’s company inwhat is otherwise a very busy life? Without asking some of them I can’t find out, but it was quite amazing to be part of.

Apparantly this has been happening every Sunday night for the last 50 years! The service is even broadcast live on one of the local radio stations. It is even more surprising when you consider that Seattle is one of the most ‘unchurched’ cities in the USA!

Compline was a special experience. I included one photo here but others (only 2 this time … i’m tired!!!) are in the album.

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