Day 16: a real American home

I have had more great conversations today and I am really being struck by peoples willingness to give up time to meet with me and share their story of how they became involved with COTA. Today I ahve met up with Meghan and then later in the day with Brian.

It has been great to listen to their stories and discover how they became part of COTA. Meghan and Brian were my last two interviews. Over the next few days I hope to use the time to review the interviews and experience of COTA, as well as write a homily for Sunday’s service.

The day ended with sharing a meal with one of the community groups. We had dinner, drank, laughed and shared stories and I very quickly felt part of the group. Outside of my host home, this was the first real American home I had been invited into and so it was quite a special time – the food and company where pretty cool too! It’s a shame that experiences like these are always over too quickly … but thank you people for the invite and kindness.

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