Burma VJ

As an explanation to newcomers to this blog – I found out quite late in my life (30ish) that my natural father is Burmese. While researching  the country I became aware of the situation there and find myself having a real passion to see justice come in this land. Please read and act if you are able. If you have no idea what is happening in Burma, then check out the this website.

Dear friend

‘Burma VJ’ tells the remarkable story of the brave young video journalists who, using hidden cameras, put their lives on the line to tell the real story of the 2007 uprising in Burma and the subsequent crackdown by the ruling military regime. They now face up to 65 years in prison for simply recording the events in the film.

Enter our prize draw to win your copy
Burma VJ is released on DVD next month and now you have the chance to enter our prize draw to win your own copy of this gripping documentary.

To enter the draw please go here.
Winners will also receive a Burma VJ poster along with their DVD.

The film has won awards from the Sundance film Festival, Amnesty International and the Berlin film festival, and has been short-listed for the Oscars. You can find out more on the website.
To buy Burma VJ DVD, visit the shop here.

Burma VJ on More 4
Burma VJ will be shown on More 4 (UK only):
10pm Tuesday 27th January
2am Wednesday 28th January

Best wishes
Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

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