Snow as a sabbath

There has been a lot of reflection upon the snow, some still love it and want more, others are fed up with it and are wishing for the big thaw …. I’m not sure which camp I’m in really. Snow certainly disrupts, but in my experience is has not caused a shut down, but required a slowing down.

On my travels, both in car and on foot, I have experienced people thinking they can act normally and travel at their normal speeds in snow. I have watched them get into difficulties. People running and sliding onto their arses! People revving car engines and traveling sideways. I’ve noticed others slowing down as they walk, drivers gently pressing their accelerators and completing their respective journey’s with no problems at all.

Last week, I re-tweeted this from twittugies:

Snow slows our world;
deepens our sense of silence.
Places our plans on hold.
Calls us home.
Snow in its own way is a Sabbath.

Snow as a Sabbath – I like that thought!

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