RGS carols

I have just returned home from the privileged position of being the clergy person present at the Carol Service in the cathedral for Rochester Grammar for Girls. Lots of people said thanks you, but I merely prayed at the start and gave a blessing at the end … the students did all the hard work!

The service was beautiful and the students were a real credit to their staff, their parents and most of all to themselves. It was great seeing some friends there from Sarah’s youth group of the past as well as seeing my number one neice being the outstanding young person she is (and makes a fantastic head girl as well!)

Nights like this evening are a highlight of my life as a priest. A time when we can work with people as they look to celebrate Christmas and be available s they seek to make some sense of the Christmas story … which as I have said before is quite a strange and incomprehensible story.  It was also good because I got to see my niece  Rach …  who if I have not said so before I am mega mega proud of!

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