Some things only make sense in the dark!

I caught these pics over at Dave ‘wannabe’ Green’s blog the other day and I kept hold of them because they intrigue me; no doubt they can be illustrations to some sermon I preach at some point in the future. I just smile thinking of people puzzled this graffitti during the day … and then totally delighted by it’s cleverness during the night.

I’ve been finding interest in these pictures because I reckon darkness gets a pretty bad press in the Christian world …. and yet I like the dark! For myself, the quiet and secret of the darkness is an environment in which I find it easier to connect with God.

It’s in the secret dark places that seeds give birth to amazing plants and trees. It’s in the darkness of cinema auditoriums where I am amazed at God speaking through Hollywood media.
It’s in the darkness of the womb that the creator and saviour of the universe grew secretly to become the God child.
It’s from the darkness that everything was created.

Sometimes the only place something makes sense is in the dark!

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