One way?

Today has been another day of firsts.

This morning I went to my first ever BCP communion service. In hindsight I probably should have gone to one before today as I was presiding and had no reference points to work from! The language of the prayer book takes some getting used to as there are so many words of traditional form.

I was rescued by Phil, the Canon Pastor, who pointed me in the right direction so it all went smoothly in the end. On reflection, though, the service is simple in its wordiness. It challenges us to think before we take communion and calls upon us to examine ourselves, which can’t be a bad thing.

Following BCP was the Cathedral Eucharist which I presided at and which I still see as an immense privilege to play any part in. Although very different to BCP but both an expression of that joining around the table with God himself. Both were valid and both spoke to me in different ways.

I guess in a way my reflections on today have reinforced my thoughts on moving away from the hardened belief in one system only being the right one: one correct belief pattern, one correct Eucharistic practice, one correct way of being church. There are a variety of valid ways and I wish we could see that more regularly and openly rather than feel we need to protect or stand up for our preference.

Surely there must be some ways (rather than one way) that we can talk about our preference while we still give value to the preferences of others?

Can it really be that hard?

1 thought on “One way?

  1. NOI have to agree with you.Have been having great fun with a new Congregation I am heading up getting them to own up to the strengths of a 'Mixed Economy' church. We are a part of the CofE not apart from it! Yes God may be doing a new thing but Lord help us to rejoice where the tried and tested is still bearing fruit (and pray hard for wisdom where it's not). Enjoying reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell in one of the opening chapters it talks of a time when it looked like Hush Puppies were going to go bust only for them to become fashionable again through the influence of youngsters in the Hip Hop clubs of New York. There's hope for us yet.

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