amazing eucharist

Another interesting day today at the cathedral. It was an opportunity for me to preside at the cathedral Eucharist and while I always smile at myself as pioneer minister in procession behind a massive choir, dressed in chasuble and having to sing solo as the opening three lines of the Eucharistic prayer – I cannot help but see what a massive privilege I have.

The privilege is not just in the fact that I am doing this in a cathedral, although that in itself is pretty special, but that I am involved like this at all. As I pray on behalf of the people present and serve and/or pray for people I find the whole of this worship very very special. I get to certain parts of the liturgy and people have remarked how I break out into a big grin or smile – but I have to say how can one say
‘therefore WITH angels and archangels and with ALL the company of heaven we proclaim your great and glorious name’ or
‘and LOOKING FOR HIS COMING IN GLORY we celebrate …’ or
‘we thank you for counting us worthy to STAND IN YOUR PRESENCE AND SERVE YOU
without smiling or getting excited about what we are saying, what we are claiming and what I totlly believe to be true.

Sometimes I think it is easy for the words to become familiar, or for the celebration itself to be so common to us that we forget what is actually happening and what we are remembering.

This is about journey, interaction and transformation with THE living God. A living God who chooses to reveal himself, amongst other ways, through the Eucharist. That is something to be pretty amazed about!

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