a different perspective

I experienced worship in the cathedral from a different perspective today. I was not on the rota for anything and so chose to sit in the congregation.

I thought it might be odd sitting in the congregation rather than being ‘up front’ and being involved in a public way. The very thought that I might find it odd worried me which was why I was keen to sit with others. I guess I felt it was a bit like deciding not to drink alcohol on a Friday night just to prove to yourself that you had not become addicted. I sat in the congregation on Sunday to check whether I was becoming addicted to being seen up front – and I am glad to say it never felt strange at all. In fact it felt a very normal place to be. I think ordination in the Church of England leaves us susceptible to feelings of self importance through processions, robes, sitting up front and so on when we all know that we are called to serve others in our church communities

I have reflected on that feeling and it suggests to me that, without realising it, that I do very much feel a part of the cathedral community. It’s interesting that while I am trying to work with others to build a new community, that I am doing this from a happy position of being welcomed into an already established community. I guess that is quite normal as we all exist in a variety of communities rather than one anyhow.

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