in the right place …?

Mondays are usually quieter days but yesterday was full of different experiences and, as I look back, I think I can see the guiding and protecting hand of God.

I started the day by leading matins in the morning and then presiding at the 830 Eucharist. No one showed for the Eucharist so I read the liturgy until the intercessions and then ‘closed’ the service. Many people leave written prayer requests in the cathedral and so I felt it important to pray for these people as well as take the extra unexpected time to pray for protection and guidance throughout the day.

I then payed a visit to the hospital to take communion to Alan, a brilliant guy from our congregation. Timing was excellent and God seemed to have steered me here because on the final word of prayer after I anointed Alan the ambulance crew arrived to take him to a hospital in London at 10am – despite everyone thinking they were coming at 1.00pm.

On the journey back my car developed a strange knocking noise. To cut a long story short somehow all 4 wheel nuts of one of the front wheels was loose. Whether they had worked loose over time or whether someone had undone them during the evening, I don’t know. I am, however, conscious of God’s protection – I’m guessing my car would not go too well on just 3 wheels! Normally I am up for a challenge, but not a 3 wheeled one in a citroen xsara!

My time in Rochester opened up new conversations and it seemed that today was quite a lot about being in the right time at the right place. Quiet often we can start to believe the delusion that we are in control, or that we can influence stuff when actually we are a small part of a big picture which I hope God is in control of.

1 thought on “in the right place …?

  1. Loose Wheel Eh ?I've had that before, initially caused by one Wheel nut being loose, it can, over time cause the rest to loosen. Rebecca'sBrother and Dad were driving a lorry down the M1 Once when they braked heavily and one wheel shot off the axle and sailed down the grass verge, narrowly missing people and cars on the hard shoulder……I am sure Alan is in Good hands, and all our Prayers for both Alan and Jill…love Darren Rebecca Pip

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