psalm consequences

A number of youth leaders and Christian Union members at Angelspace asked for the instructions to this and so I am posting them here. The Psalms produced from this activity are amazing; I’ve used this a few times and always been amazed with what has been produced by both adults and young people.

I can’t remember where I got this from (it may be a Jonny Baker worship trick or something from Scripture Union … – I just know it’s not my idea, but it’s a great idea to use in worship.

This i best done in a group of 5 or more

Psalm Consequences

Fold the paper into 8 horizontal sections sections

1 Write an address of praise to God such as ‘Lord I worship you’

2 Fold the paper backwards so you can’t see the writing and pass it to your left

3 Write an aspect of God’s character starting with because … ‘because you are good’ Fold and pass again.

4 Write another aspect of God’s character starting with ‘and’. Fold and pass

5 Write 2 things about how wonderful God’s creation is ‘Your mountains are magnificent, your rivers shine in the sun.’ Fold and pass.

6 Write something God does for you personally. ‘You guide me’ Fold and pass

7 Write a personal message to Jesus with ‘because’ in the middle ‘I thank you Jesus because you died for me’. Fold and pass

8 Write a resolution – ‘therefore I will follow you for ever’ Fold and pass last time

The Psalms produced were fantastic and I shall try and get some typed up so that hey can be put on the Angelspace website.

2 thoughts on “psalm consequences

  1. Used this last night in a home group. They were blown away with the outcome. Just typed up the psalms this morning and feel totally blessed by them all over again!Thanks,David

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