A number of people have asked me ho I prepare myself to go to the same place over and over again, and some have asked if I pray before going out.

Over the last year, I have found that prayer, sitting with God, mulling over in God’s presence, crying to God …. whatever you wish to call it, or however you wish to do it, is quite vital for me to do before I go out.

A pattern over the 15/20 minutes before I go out has developed and I share it here in case it may be of use to get others started.

I spend the first 10 minutes or so just chilling with God. Sometimes I sit in silence, always i listen to attempt to discern what God may wish to say or thoughts he may wish to bring up in my mind for the day. I think listening first has proven to be quite key, and certainly fits with the Benedictine model, and can determining the rest of the prayer time.

Next I usually pray through putting on the armour of God (Ephesians 6) using words which sound something like this:
God … I put on …
the belt of truth – help me to be truthful in my actions and speech today, stop me from exaggerating and lead me
the breastplate of righteousness – may I be in right relationship with you, others and myself today – if I need to sort anything show me
the shoes of the gospel – Lord lead me today, may I walk in your steps and may your light shine as we walk together
the shield of faith – if and when Satan say I’m not good enough, help me hide behind this shield in the knowledge that he is right but that you have called me
the helmet of salvation – protect my mind today Lord, no matter what I hear or what I see or what I experience, remind me that my salvation with you is secure
sword of the spirit – Lord as I ponder your word, today show me how to use your word, when to speak and when not to

When I am all armoured up as it were I pray by name for all those people I expect to meet and have got to know and ask God simply to bless them.

After that I feel more comfortable to go out into God’s High Street to see what is happening today and how I might get involved.

If that’s helpful for anyone that’s cool …. if not then its just another reflective blog post!

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