Great times

It’s a week one – but still I smile.
Gillingham 2 – Millwall 0.
I’ve kept quiet this week on the blog but this photo brought it all back to me.
The sheer joy of the occasion for Gills fans.
In the box behind me on Saturday were a lot of Millwall fans.
One was Phil, who was in my youth group something like 20 years ago!
He was telling how Millwall were going to walk it before the whistle.
This picture catches me turning round clapping while Phil, hands on head, is staring up at the roof in exasperation!
I’ve highlighted the bit in red for all to see.
It brings a smile back to my face eve now!!!
(if you are wondering why I am up so ridiculously early on a Saturday it’s because I have just dropped Tom off at the rail station who is now on his way to Leeds to watch Gills hopefully put up another good performance!)

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