new fresh expressions website.

The new Fresh Expressions website was launched today.

Sadly all the stories older than 3 months old (including pioneer ministry in Rochester) seem not to been transferred which is quite sad … I was hoping if people went to the website they would learn of our fledgling community and look out for us. I’m written asking if those stories will reappear.

The site did need an overhaul though as was quite a nightmare to steer through – and this site seems easier to navigate (and not just because it has a lot less on it!)

2 thoughts on “new fresh expressions website.

  1. Hi Rob,We will be transferring some of the other stories onto the new site over the coming months – as you can imagine it's a big job though. In particular, some of the older stories are no longer active or no longer model best practice in fresh expressions so it's not just a copy and paste exercise. That said, we hope to have the Rochester story up very soon.Thanks for the feedback,Ben(Resources Manager, Fresh Expressions)

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