mentoring and coffee

I met up with Ian Mobsby today who is my pioneer mentor. Ian is excellent at challenging me and getting me to think around the issues and thoughts I am having. I am incredibly conscious of how lucky I am to have such a relationship with someone of Ian’s expertese and experience.

Today Ian has challenged me to think about the next steps – both with the community and how we are operating, and what the next part of loving service will look like in Wetherspoons.

It’s incredibly helpful just to take time out to chat about what is happening as I find, really, that most people do not ‘get’ what I am tying to do. Most of the time I don’t get what I’m trying to do so its no surprise to me that others can’t grasp it a lot of the time. Ian gets what I am trying to do, and so reflecting with him is not just a help, it’s inspiring s it helps me move in to the next stage rather than rest where I am. Ian encourages me to stop building cages and explore the freedom I have the permission to play with.

After my time with Ian I wondered over to Flat White to read, reflect and make some notes along with drink some pretty amazing coffee. I just love this place, the area, the cafe itself, the people that come in – its more than a coffee shop and in many ways has a lot of what I am trying to build with others here – but that’s another time of reflection and another blog …. and for now I need sleep!

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