2 privileges, 1 surprise and a beer!

I have had both a privilege and surprise today and both have centred around the cathedral.

I ahd the privilege of presiding at the Eucharist this morning. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do and this morning I think I was able to start to put aside my concerns of how I was doing things and be able to partly attempt to be worshiping God. (I wonder if I will ever be totally able to as the knowledge that I have to sing the opening three lines of the liturgy!) There is also the question of when taking some form of lead in worship is it ever possible to fully enter into the activity of worship.

I’ll try to illustrate this point with my second ‘privilege’ and this has by no means been an isolated incident for me over the past year or so. Tonight I went to Choral Evensong and there have been occasions that whole the choir has sung I have lost myself in God. Tonight was one of those nights, but thankfully it was not before I read from the bible. I do remember one occasion a few months back when this occurred and I was suddenly conscious of a silence and eyes looking at me, awaiting the word of God to be read! The music on that occasion, and also this evening, had somehow enabled me to pull myself into the presence of God so that I really did not want to leave. we are privileged to have such talented choristers at the cathedral.

This morning I had a surprise. On Thursday one of the guys I talk to a lot in the pub said he wanted to come to the service on Sunday. This was the same guy who came to the ordination service a couple of weeks ago. Well, maybe I should not have been, but I was surprised to see him there this morning in the third row. I wonder if it means that the presence of a vicar in the pub every day for 11 months has had some small part in reigniting something deep within him that he wishes to explore? I don’t know, maybe it is, maybe its something else and maybe it is a variety of things. It will be interesting to chat with him next week explore what he thought and why he came?

Well with all that thinking …. I’m now off for a beer!

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