a ticket

Today was a pretty normal day, apart from one incident that has pretty much amazed me and is leaving me a little confused.

One of the regulars at the pub said on Friday that they would like tickets to come to the ordination service on Saturday. This was after I outlined to the group in our general conversation how long the service could be and what it entailed. Others had already said they would like to come, but other events are happening in Medway that day, such as the Armed Forces day which looks to be a major event. A number of these men are spoke to are ex-military and so they are involved or going to this event.

I sat today in my normal place and the man who wanted tickets was not there. He is always there and so this concerned me a little. I was surprised, but hoped that he was not embarrassed that he had asked and now was trying to avoid me. I decided that was daft as he is the sort of guy who would easily and calmly say something else had come up.

Just as I was leaving the guy turned up – he was running late and said he was worried that he may have missed me before asking if I had two tickets for him. He now has them and is looking forward to coming to the cathedral.

I’m not sure what is happening here; is this a desire to support me, is it intrigue at what a service will look like, or is this an opportunity to visit the cathedral knowing it will ok because he has tickets to come in? Is there a certain security in having tickets to enter a church building? Does the possession of a ticket make stepping over that threshold all the more easier? Does having a ticket signify being a guest, with the knowledge and security that being a guest goes hand in hand with being welcomed? Does the ticket simply show those checking tickets that you have a right to be here because someone has given you one of their tickets?

I’m unsure about the answer, if there is one, and maybe it is a combination of the three – whatever, I still find it quite interesting that someone that would not attend church normally wants to attend what could be quite a long service.

2 thoughts on “a ticket

  1. Do you know what Rob?I think that he wants to come and support you…We all do and we realise this is such a big step in your life, that many people want to be a part of. We have only had the priviledge of knowing you for a year or so and I can certainly say you have made such a positive mark on us in the time we have got to know you. So if you are doing all of this in every thing you do, perhaps you're doing the right thing 😉 I also do agree that there are those who think that entry is by ticket only to all manner of places which the rest of us take for granted, perhaps that might lead to a future event you can set up in the Cathedral, in the street or anywhere where the only thing you DONT need is a ticket…. Just Faith….Darren 🙂

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