a big wednesday!

Wednesday’s are not always great days for me; they are days when I find I have to be really disciplined as it is normally a ‘study’ day and to be honest I really want to be back amongst the people I am slowly getting to know.

I realise however that study days are important in that they give me time to reflect and force me to consider in more detail what is happening. I think it also serves as a mini break as spoken of a few days ago. While it is painful to be away, the break allows some form of growth to occur.

Today, however, is a different Wednesday. In a couple of hours I a attending the Bishop’s staff meeting as he wishes to talk about pioneer ministry, hear from me about my first 10 months, and consider the way forward. It is a good opportunity to thank them for the opportunity but also to share the realities of the questions we need to be asking for the future – which for our diocese I think are about strategy and investment. It is also a great opportunity to share the stories of the last few weeks that I have blogged about – stories of interactions that have only happened after 10 months of daily visiting and stories of interactions that I do not think would have occurred with anything less.

I hope this meeting goes well and the people that can make decisions for proper investment in pioneer ministry.

After this I am joining others from YFC in London as we have a planning day for Local Ministries of YFC. I am really looking forward to meeting people I have not seen for a while and engaging with others as we look to see how we can creatively serve YFC as it moves forward in a new way.

Certainly not a normal Wednesday for me – and the first Wednesday I have looked forward to for a long time!

2 thoughts on “a big wednesday!

  1. Well done for keeping the study days. Most of mine fall by the wayside badly… to my shame.I will be praying that the meeting with the Bish goes well.

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