silent together

Last night i had one of what I consider to be ‘special times’ in the cathedral as I led the monthly Taize prayer service.

I find this service amazing due to its pure simplicity. We have a clear pattern of prayer, chant, reading, silence, reading, silence, prayer, blessing. This flows without announcement or interruption. Last night the moments of silence were incredibly powerful. There is always something quite amazing about being with a group of people who become silence together.

For some it is easy to achieve silence when alone somewhere but being in silence with other human beings is a very unique and extraordinary experience. It is not something we do as a matter of course as we normally gather with others to communicate in some way. Silence together in this way is so alien that when we achieve it I believe we encounter God in a fresh way. In some way I cannot describe it is as if our senses are heightened as we wait together upon God. It’s hard to describe – you’ll just have to come to the next Taize service at the cathedral which is always at 8.00pm on the first Sunday of the month.

2 thoughts on “silent together

  1. Hi Rob – found your blog! Keep up the good work – some really interesting posts!I was priveleged to be one of the congregation at last night's Taize prayer, and found it powerful, peaceful, and starkly beautiful. The silences are intense, and I'm sure the Spirit of the Lord uses the quiet time to speak directly to our hearts. I'm going to be ticking off the days on the calendar until the next opportunity to worship in this way, so many many thanks for giving us the opportunity to do so.

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