spiritual privilege

I have had an excellent day and the MBS festival in Victoria today. I have been helping on the Dekhomai stand for a few years now and I always find the experience a real privilege.

Today I have chatted and prayed with people as I massaged their feet. I have prayed with people who wanted healing, and prayed with others who wanted a blessing or prayer for a loved one. For the first time I used the Jesus Deck to pray with people, which took me out of my comfort zone a fair bit. It was amazing how God led in the conversations with these cards.

I find it a real serving and humbling experience being at such an event just to bring a gift to people – the gift of some interaction of the Divine. It’s amazing to sit back and watch how Jesus challenges, comforts and loves people that are spiritually searching. I am amazed again at how open these people are. Jonny made a good observation that every one we spoke to assumes that they have some relationship with God – and that was my experience too – which seems to fly in the face of the story we hear about people today through our churches. It was an interesting point to mull over.

This is always a highlight of my year; my only regret is that I can only do one day this year … roll on next time!

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